Annie Malamet

Annie Malamet is a video installation artist living and working in New York City. She graduated from Marlboro College with a BA in Art History & Visual Art in 2012. She is currently enrolled in the Photography, Video, and Related Media MFA program at The School of Visual Arts and is set to graduate in 2015. In addition to this, she is the head editor of the Visual Art section of Posture Magazine, a publication in Brooklyn that highlights LGBTQ artists in the visual arts, film, music, performance, and fashion.


Train poem #3

Our pet rat died
You hid her from me
In an empty mallomar box
So I wouldn't be upset.
It has always scared you
My burning, nameless pains
My small sorrows.

Three broken girls

Neither of us own an umbrella
So we let the rain make messes of us.
We don't think about our hair very much.
You tell me that you're not sure you'll ever be able to love a man
The way you should.
At dinner you and I list
The funniest times we were raped.
She flirts enough with the bartender to cover our tab.
I love her the way you can only love
Another broken bitch.

Train poem 2

I could see the life leaving her
Small furry body limp
Tiny paws finally still.
What was she thinking?
Did she learn some great ratty truth
At the end of her short life?

I watch men watch me on the train
While grocery shopping.
I put my hair behind my ears
I decide between two pears.
I think about my dead rat.
Do they watch me to see the way That I move?
Or do they try to intuit what I think?
If I know some great girly truths.
Some missing in their life
That they'll discover when they smash their body into mine.

Bushwick 2

She writes all of her poems using the notes app on her iPhone.
Sometimes she buys t shirts at the thrift store and cuts them up.
But the teenagers know she is a fraud.
They study her through badly dyed bangs
She wants to tell them she is angry, too.
That she is furious.
She spends 10 dollars at the coffee place so she can reach the credit card minimum.