Holiday Black

Holiday Black is a writer living and working in New York. She likes lemons and rose quartz.


so many of us may be justified; who doesn’t want full luscious lips? electrostatic discharge certified to make those lips look fuller as we get older our lips get even thinner and develop THOSE LINES there are always but injections can cost thousands and penetrate up to two cumulative inches of clothing, there are limp plumper glosses and gels but they can transmit electrical pulses along the wires and into the body. Get the movie star look affecting the sensory and motor functions of the peripheral nervous system. An example would be the involuntary muscle. instantly all new all natural non surgical sensation system to get the luscious you’ve been looking for if you have boring looking pencil thin lips if you anything an officer would feel threatened by look at these stunning transformations to convince a criminal to give up without a fight its so easy have the plump lips of your dreams. Hollywood’s best kept secret--a pain compliance system some of you may know from television appearances. Make You stand out in a crowd, why? Because the hallmark of youth beauty fertility the successful deployment upon a human or animal form makes it possible for everyone to have dream lips. Exclusive state of the art technology makes IT possible you don’t have to be born. a movie star can get to witness real minutes 100% natural 100% safe and transforming people but right before your eyes imagine a new you. minutes don’t wait and feel just great looking from boring to exciting and fun and from dull to super sexy. Nothing like this in the world can result in injury a probe embedded in the eye or secondary injury related to falling

221 Pineapple St.
I am inbetween stacks
of unread newspapers from 1997
sitting on his couch applying lipstick even when the skin is dry
when the 16 hour hold cannot hold long enough,
it’s a brave new Craigslist harvest moon of estrangement etc.
isolation & whatever, the pixilated spoils are fresh and ripe for the bank roll
hidden in forgotten collections of hawaiian t shirts
attractive young doormen in crisp uniforms
staring at me as I wait for an elevator I will not lift
the veil, venom is capital’s freebie,
it is sugar that costs after he has been inside me
his cum oozes across my chest and I am laughing even though
there is nothing funny about the dusty figurines of Daffy Duck
dejected on the bedside table. He lurches past
the broken walkie talkie towards the box of Kleenex
rattling off the names of all the women
who betrayed him something about Satanism
something about a goat head something about ‘off the clock,’
something about a woman in his office who is pretty
something about how she was always trying to mess with him
something about some bitch who works at the marina
something about not getting what he wants
he speaks of memories of the Coast Guard and of marriage
I look down at my gel manicure and in my periphery vision
I notice an Eggo waffle latticed with black mold
unsure if kitten heels and floral print are sufficient armor
from the sandstorm of phallic denial and sadness


cutting a sea sponge
with crazy scissors
what can you give me
besides trauma                  the white howlite
inside my pussy
is supposed to make me shut up
so that I can go to bed      sewing dental floss
to menstrual sponges
so that when I am fucking your corpse
so that when I am draining your bank account
you will not see any blood
and I will smile
and my ancient multidimensional soul can drift
to a three dimensional dunkin donuts
where in the bathroom I can reach
for the thread

now they are entering through the oasis and walking right down the middle. genteel sips from the pin stripped straw, savoring the rich seduction of confinement. formalization and regulation for _______ and _________, formalization and regulation for they a they who walks down streets arousing the nostalgia. the heartbeat of a holiday, the heart of america. they are never alone in an age of chivalry, which thankfully graced us at the grand opening of the __________ marvel. it was for the they that the man in uniform quickly shoveled the animal feces, ensuring the they avoid soiled souls they were to be clean. a dreamland rearing its impossible head from 150 acres or orange groves, emptying the nurseries of San Diego and Santa Barbara for a nod to community. a token of admiration for a commune with nature, although unfortunately due to a strike, water refused to operate for the visitors and patrons contemplating either themselves or the elaborate cathedral of styrofoam soda cans before being invited to board the _________ railroad at leisure. they barely wedged the sparkle into necessary formula and spindled calculation.
scouring southern california for an economical place to build waterfalls, rivers, mountains for them. the rivers of america refused to run. they clutched merchandise in the junglesque landscape of the Uncivillized. how to construct lifelike wildlife, not real wildlife, but passing. the food the smiles the tee shirts in immediate and unbelievable profusion. they are swallowed by a pornographic pastiche of tree houses tiki rooms and temples, as vacation is a right and a republican virtue. looking for the familiar _________ but they are saturated in the mist, swallowed in the untold danger and cosmic gradient of pepsi products. they meander what is theirs, looking for a quick pick me up.

they are aggressively poised to spot scallywags and undeservings, they are remembering the mark twain steam boat who was flooded by passengers and sunk. they believe in scarcity but are calmed by the painted smile on ___________’s face. they come in order to freeze the years that passed between the louisianna purchase and the gold rush. the gold rush of today living inside the carefree offspring sorting the granite from rose quartz and other pebbles of moderate value. lassoing each of their positing of twinkle and magic. they eat hot dogs between unfiring cannons, keeping watch on their spottings of ________ and other cast members.
the time we build tommorow it will already be outdated, but they are welcomed regardless. how will _________ and __________ bear the passing of time? their belief that they are more than a collection of gizmos is persistent. they form serpentine lines stetching the length in order to attend the academy which prepares them should they encounter the dark side. they have opened the doors of the space age and have made it their sandbox. we unleash our inner astronaut vicarously, watching ______ parade, head globed.