Sophia Le Fraga

Sophia Le Fraga is a poet and visual artist. She is the author of literallydead (Spork, 2015); I RL, YOU RL (minuteBOOKS, 2013; Troll Thread, 2014) and I DON'T WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE INTERNET (KTBAFC, 2012). Her anti-play trilogy of iOS adaptions comprises W8ING 4, TH3 B4LD 50PR4N0 and UND3RGR0UND L0V3R5 (Gauss PDF). Other Titles (Büro Broken Dimanche; Berlin, Germany) was her first solo show. She's recently been included in Greater New York (MoMA PS1, New York), PERFORMA 15 (New York), Eugen Gomringer & (Bielefelder Kunstverein; Bielefeld, Germany), Itself Not So (Lisa Cooley, New York) and read the room / you've got to (SALTS, Basel, Switzerland). Le Fraga is poetry editor at Imperial Matters, a curator for the experimental reading series Segue and a member of Collective Task. She teaches poetry at BHQFU, New York's freest art school.

The Road We Ended Up Taking

On our way to the lake, we hit a Y
and had to pick one way to go.
Both paths looked chill and we were high,
stopped a minute, debated why
and made our decision slow.

We picked a road after some time,
the one that we judged better then–
more green, more grass, for sure sublime
though truly, neither filled with grime–
and on that path, we went.

There under heavy skies, they stood,
neither more or less unchill,
both paths ostensibly equally good,
and us with the dog, confused in the wood
without much of a will.

I'll tell my friends back in New York,
I guess whenever that will be–
I'll be like: On our way to the lake, we reached a fork;
the next day I hopped on a train to go see Björk
it was as chill as chill could be.

this poem was also included in SLOBJECT (Troll Thread, 2015)

The lover was likely to leave


Is what my poetry is about
worse or is everyone getting dumber?

Asympotal Eclipse of the Heart
No one bought the white lighters.

Quotations in lowercase letters
In the morning there is cuteness.

Art irritating life irritating art.