Stacey Teague

Stacey Teague lives in Auckland, NZ, and has a poetry book, 'Takahē', out now via Scrambler Books.


wind erotica

what sunlight feels like
when you have not seen it for weeks
is something akin to water

it stays on the surface of your skin long afterwards
wetting your hair
and lips

these are the times you let your body be
whatever it wants to be

you only feel like yourself when you are not thinking about it

in fact we both admit to not thinking about anything
for long periods of time

everybody wants a resolute heart
we don't want something more
just something else

we have
inner worlds that are hidden
from everyone except
each other

and yes
every now and again
you will remember exactly
how their body felt through two jumpers
how you said that our bodies are like oceans
they contain so much

every person is every possible thing a person can be
and more often than not we cannot see what is nearest the bone
towards the ocean floor

it's hard to care about anything anymore

all you want to know is how the branches feel
when the wind moves the trees
loosening the bark

when you walk the wind has a presence

[ the wind puts its hands in my pockets and i touch its hands with my hands
the wind keeps touching my butt, very nice
the wind has a body and it is holding my body
the wind presses itself onto my neck, somewhere beneath my hair
i let the wind kiss me ]

reading a poem should feel like going for a walk
you see the trees and feel the wind and the sun
you open your front door and step back inside

Stacey Teague
Piha, New Zealand
"Wind Erotica"